Southern Living 2018 Austin Idea House

by Lauren Brackett

The Southern Living 2018 Idea House made its way to Austin, Texas this year! Not only did they have their eyes set on Austin, they wanted local talent as well. The team was made up of Meredith Ellis Design, Sanders Architecture, and David Wilkes Builders. Once the team was assembled, it was time to find a house! After dozens of houses, Meredith saw the listing in Northwest Hills and knew it had potential.

The shell of the house was left intact, while the interior was redesigned for a better overall layout. The before and after pictures are incredible. If you have the chance, go visit! (Click here for dates, times, and tickets) I was able to visit the house today and I fell in love! Each room has so much detail that I could have spent hours exploring every inch. For now, here are a few highlights. Who am I kidding, here are all of my pictures! 

full house.JPG
blue bookcase.JPG
chair bookcase.JPG
printed chairs 2.JPG
pink dresser.JPG
pink mirror.JPG
james coffee table.JPG
master bath.JPG
bathtub (2).JPG
porch swing.JPG
back house.JPG

To see all of the items, paint, fabric, etc. used in each room, check out the 2018 Idea House Resource Guide.