By Avery Cox

On a recent trip to Portugal I fell in love with the color saffron and it quickly became my color for the season. Every time I turned the corner and was confronted with the hue I squealed with glee. It has this perfect deep aged complexity that I love so much, and mixes so exquisitely with other palettes. I am sure it has something to do with where I am in my life right now, but I have been drawn to earthier colors lately; they ground me and give the schemes I am working with roots. So in this time of falling toward the earth and transitioning from a time of growth and exuberance to that of aging and hibernation, I am celebrating this spicy color this fall.

Elizabeth Vallion Interiors Saffron yellow living room with velvet sofa and moorish doorway

This gorgeous room from Elizabeth Vallino Interiors showcases how to master the mix of this hue. Don’t you want to curl up in that velvet sofa? I also love the Moorish influence here; It is reminiscent of the Pena Palace in Portugal, which shoots out of the mountain top like a flame in all of its red and yellow glory.

Sintra Portugal Saffron Yellow and Brick Red Pena Palace.jpg

Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal, an 1842 palace designed as a summer residence for the Portuguese royal family. Planning a trip to Portugal? Here is a great starting point for a day trip to Sintra from Conde Nasté Traveler.

Miguel Flores Vianna marbled ceramic plates with ochre, white, and cobalt blue

This color shall not be limited to interiors! I am ceramic obsessed and these plates do not disappoint. Miguel Flores Vianna is a master of the fresh earthy mix, and everything he creates, documents, or designs has a perfectly patinated vibrance. This deeper ochre mixed with the white and cobalt blue pairs perfectly, and would provide a delicious point of interest for any wall or table top. Read and see more from MFV at Architectural Digest or add his work permanently to your library by acquiring his fabulous book Haute Bohemians.

Cloth and Kind saffron marigold yellow living room with window pane check sofa yellow walls a black goose painting and gilt coffee table

Such beautiful tonality in this room! I clearly love when a designer layers the same colors and relies instead on pattern and texture for definition; This gives depth and intention to the space similar to the first image by Elizabeth Vallino. The Cobbham Victorian House designed by Cloth and Kind has several amazing moments featuring saffron and all of it’s cousins. CHECK IT OUT.

Carolina Herrera yellow lace and daisy dress for Spring 2019
Carolina Herrera yellow lace and daisy dress detail- black trim and layers of chiffon

Last but not least, FASHION, people. Carolina Herrera knocked it out of the park this past fashion week, and I keep dreaming of this saffron daisy dress! Wouldn’t it make the most amazing wedding dress?

When a color grabs you it is so fun to see it across all creative disciplines. What have been your favorite colors this fall? Have you seen any trends?

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